Hunting Labradors
Know These Facts before Opting For Hunting Labradors

Labradors are very popular among small game hunters because of their intelligence. The breed has become so popular that hunting Labradors are valued as both a great hunting companions and equally good household pets.

When they were introduced in Europe, their retrieving skills were put to great use in hunting. Labradors become the popular companions of hunters and foragers and overtime, yellow lab puppies have acquired this instinct of gun friendliness and safe retrieval of the game. Labradors are particularly prized as perfect for duck hunting dogs.

Because of their skills and performance as hunting dogs, many first time hunters opt for a hunting Labrador as their first bird dog. However, problem arises when people unfamiliar with Labradors opt for one and they run into issue with the care and health of the dog.

The first thing to understand about these dogs is that hunting Labradors are not a distinct breed of Labradors. Contrary to popular perception, hunting Labradors are just like any other Labradors. The difference comes from their lineage that includes a number of bird dogs. This gives the puppies a natural tendency for retrieval and helps them overcome gun shyness quicker then most dogs.

Hunting Labradors are being bred to be on the heavy side. In many cases, an average dog will weigh somewhere between 60 to 80 pounds. However, breeders have come up with specimens that could go up to 90 pounds. While this adds to the physical appearance of the dog, increased weight is actually bad for a hunting Labrador. Because they have to move about a lot, any extra weight will put stress on the joints.

Labradors enjoy human company and could feel lonely when left for several hours. Every dog owner should know this important fact about hunting Labradors. An older dog might tolerate up to six hours of loneliness but a puppy is not so understanding. Bored Labradors have a way of wrecking things around the house and barking their head off for fun. Always make sure that someone is there to look after the dog and let them out for their exercise.

Labradors, particularly hunting Labradors require daily grooming to keep their coat healthy. A simple brushing one a day is enough to remove dirt and dead hair from the coat of may house pets. However, if the god has been out hunting, it might require a more vigorous brushing to clean the fur.

Labradors shed hair twice a year. Once, in fall when the coat thickens for winter years and again in spring when the winter coat gives way to lighter summer coat. During this time, regular brushing is essential to keep the dog shedding hair all over the furniture.

The debate whether males or females make good hunting Labradors has been ongoing ever since the breed was introduced. There are pros and cons of having a male or female Labrador as pet. However, there is no clear cut answer to the question.

Hunting Labrador is one of the best hunting companions a bird hunter could ask for. With proper care, they are able to live out a long and productive life.